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The Next Attack on Immigrant Families

The Trump administration is poised to propose new regulations that would further limit immigrant access to vital safety net programs. Leaked copies of the draft regulations revealed a dramatically expanded “public charge doctrine” under which immigrants could be denied admission or permanent residency if they or their dependents have used or are considered likely to use benefits programs. Such changes would increase poverty, stress, and fear among immigrant communities. The new Clearinghouse article from the Shriver Center, CLASP, and the National Immigration Law Center explains the likely changes and how you can get involved. Read more.

The authors will take your questions and discuss public charge in the next episode of the Advocacy Exchange, Wednesday, May 23. More info and registration.

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Supervising for Quality and Impact-July 2018

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The Trump Administration’s Next Attack on Immigrant Families

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The Witness Episode 2: How Did You Get into Legal Aid?

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Overcoming the Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Court Involvement

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Ensuring Fair Housing for People with Criminal Records

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